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Christine Ger

Christine Ger is the founder and managing director of The Urge. Christine established the content creation agency 5 years ago when she was still employed and was running it on the side as her main side hustle. Later on, in 2018, she decided to quit employment and give it a shot, she went fully into managing The URGE in January 2019. Christine has a charming personality that has helped a lot in working with different clients. Her warm and hospitable nature sets her apart in offering quality and best deserved services.

Since establishing her agency she’s been able to work with numerous corporate clientele and individuals in helping them to articulate their story in the most creative, informative, accurate and best way possible. Clients have diverse natures/attitudes, yes, but her charisma has not only enabled her to ease an uneasy situation but also create a mood for business and engagement as well.  She is especially very sensitive to clients’ needs and ensures that quality and service exceed their expectations. Christine strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships with both The URGE CLIENTS and her employees.

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Christine’s love for storytelling and the urge to make a difference in someone’s life is reason behind her YouTube Channel. Other than managing The Urge, she shares her lifetime experience and entrepreneurial journey with the world. Her self-titled YouTube channel is a platform that is not only dedicated to helping others start and grow their own businesses, but also motivates, inspire and challenge them to follow their dreams.

She is a risk taker who loves good food, fitness, travelling and taking a sand bath along the beach. Christine is very ambitious and believes that in order to succeed; your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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